A Cookie is a file that is downloaded on to your computer whenever you access certain websites.

Cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about users’ browsing habits or of their computer and may be used to recognise the user, depending on the information they contain and the way in which their computer is being used.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet, providing many advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating browsing and usability of the website.

The information we have provided below will help you understand the different types of cookies:

ACCORDING TO THE ORGANISATION MANAGING THEMFirst-party cookiesThese are those that are collected by the editor itself to provide the service requested by the user.
Third-party cookiesThese are any that are collected and managed by a third party and they cannot be considered first-party.
ACCORDING TO HOW LONG THEY REMAIN ENABLEDSession cookiesThey collect data while the user browses the network in order to provide the requested service.
Persistent cookiesThey are stored on the terminal and the information obtained will be used by the person responsible for the cookie for the purpose of providing the requested service.
ACCORDING TO THEIR PURPOSETechnical cookiesThey are the ones necessary to correctly browse the website.
Customisation cookiesAllow the user the features (language) for browsing website.
Analysis cookiesThey enable the supplier to carry out analysis linked to the browsing carried out by the user, in order to keep track of the use of the website, as well as to carry out statistics of the most visited content, number of visitors, etc.
Advertising cookiesThey allow the editor to include advertising spaces on the website according to the content of the website itself.
Behavioural advertising cookiesThey allow the editor to include advertising spaces on the website according to the information obtained through the user’s browsing habits.

In compliance with Article 22.2 of Law 34/ 2002, dated 11 July, regulating information society and electronic commerce services (LSSI-CE), INTERALLOYS SLU wishes to inform you of the cookies used on our website:

First-party cookiesThird-party cookiesSession cookiesPersistent cookies
PURPOSETechnical cookiesX
Customisation cookies
Analysis cookiesX
Advertising cookies
Behavioural advertising cookies

Google Analytics: It stores cookies in order to be able to generate statistics on the traffic and volume of visits of this website. By using this website you are consenting to the processing of your information by Google. Therefore, any right in this regard must be exercised by directly contacting Google. Google Analytics cookies are stored on servers located in the United States and there is an agreement not to share them with third parties. except when necessary for the operation of the system or when legally required. According to Google, your IP address is not stored.

Google Inc. is a member of “Privacy Shields” which guarantees that all transferred data will be processed with a level of protection in accordance with European regulations. Detailed information in this regard can be found at the following link:

You may wish to use the Google Analytics Browser Disable Plug-in, where its instructions may reject the analytic cookies for that service on all browsers. More information is available at the following link:

INTERALLOYS SLU also wishes to inform you that you can configure your browser to be notified when you receive cookies, where you can prevent them from being installed on your hard disk if you wish. Please find the links of different browsers below, through which you can perform such configuration:

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