Inter Alloys, S.L.U. is a family company with over 40 years of history importing and exporting raw materials for steel manufacture.

Our philosophy consists of working to meet the needs of our clients in the most optimum way possible. To this end, we provide them with personalised, individualised service. Our objective is to offer a service that is adapted to your own company’s needs.

At Inter Alloys, we know that success lies in each and every one of the members of a company. To this end, we have a team of professionals that includes specialists who have working in the metallurgy sector for over forty years. Throughout this time, they have entered into solid agreements and collaborations, so we can act and work in a personalised way.

We stand out thanks to our direct agreements between producer and client. This clearly provides great added value to both parties, total transparency, trust and flexibility for each contract or transaction.

Inter Alloys not only brings quality products, but also a totally and absolutely personalised service, with monitoring from point of origin to the final destination. SERVICE AND TRUST are our day-to-day objectives.

We import and export quality raw materials and expend a great deal of effort in developing logistics, storing and transport to our clients’ warehouses, located all around the world.