Inter Alloys has implemented a Criminal Risk Prevention Programme to reflect a corporate culture of compliance and full respect for regulations and laws in force.

The company absolutely rejects and has “zero tolerance” for any irregular behaviour particularly with regard to those of a criminal nature that this programme seeks to prevent.

The Criminal Risk Prevention Programme is made up of different protocols, including the Code of Ethics and the Complaints Channel. Inter Alloys provides the following to anyone interested on its website:


Inter Alloys seeks to reflect an ethically exemplary culture through the Code of Ethics, presenting the company’s identifying values, as well as determining the principles and patterns of conduct governing the same.

“Inter Alloys – Code of Ethics”


The complaints channel aims to establish a procedure for confidential communication and subsequent processing of any conduct contrary to the Criminal Risk Prevention Programme.

Inter Alloys’ complaint channel guarantees compliance and shows full respect for the following principles:

• Principle of good faith and non-retaliation.
• Personal data protection and confidentiality.
• Right to honour, to the presumption of innocence and defence.
The document where the complaint is formulated is available to any interested party and must be sent to for the attention of the Compliance Officer.

“Complaints Channel Form”